August 6 - 8, 2020 - 30 Teams

The Invitational Scoring:

Weighed Blue Marlin:
1 Point Per Pound for weighed Blue Marlin with a tournament minimum length of 112"

Catch and Release:
Blue Marlin: 625 Points
White Marlin/Sailfish/Unidentified Billfish: 200 Points

Tournament Scoring:
1st Place: Single heaviest weighed Blue Marlin wins the tournament
2nd-4th Place: Most accumulated points from weighed Blue Marlin and Catch and Release Points

The winning weighed Blue Marlin CAN NOT be combined with any other accrued team points toward a 2nd-4th place finish for winning team.

The winning team may however accrue points from catch and release and/or any non-winning weighed Blue Marlin.

Tournament Scoring Example

Team A:
Weighed Blue Marlin 564 Pounds
1 Verified Released Blue Marlin

Team B:
Weighed Blue Marlin 496 Pounds
1 Verified Released Blue Marlin

Team C:
3 Verified Released Blue Marlin

Team D:
2 Verified Released Blue Marlin

Catch & Release Points Values:
Blue Marlin = 625 Points
White Marlin/Sailfish/Unidentified Billfish = 200 Points
1st Place:Heaviest Weighed Blue Marlin (auto. 1st Place)Catch & Release Points:Tournament Total Points
Team A564625 (1 @ 625)625

Non-Winning Weighed Blue Marlin Points (1 Point-Per-Pound)Catch & Release Points: Tournament Total Points
2nd Place: Team C01,875 (3 @625)1,875
3rd Place: Team D01,250 (2 @625)1,250
4th Place: Team B496625 (1 @ 625)1,121